Restaurant Marketing

Restaurant Marketing

Stop Missing Website Orders & Repeat Orders

If your customers cannot order pickup and delivery on your website you are missing orders. If you are not texting and emailing your past customers, you are missing repeat orders.

Stop Missing Out On Positive Google Reviews

Most customers will only leave a review when they are upset and unfortunately your happiest customers rarely leave you a 5 star review on Google. Solve that problem by automatically texting every happy customer your Google review link after each order.

Stop Paying Commissions & Overcharging Your Customers

Offering online ordering through DoorDash kills your profits with their predatory commissions. In addition, your customers are paying higher prices online and getting taxed with additional fees. Get more orders and make a profit by offering a direct way.


Allow Your Customers To Order On Your Website & Google Page

More Orders.
More Profits.

60% of restaurant operators say that offering delivery has generated incremental sales of 20% on average.

Online Orders 20% Larger

Less pressure at the counter and more time to order means bigger tickets.

Repeat Ordering

Customers keep coming back to order when their info is conveniently stored for easy checkout.

No Busy Signals Or Hold Times

You are missing orders when relying entirely on the phone for pickup & delivery.

70% Of Customers Prefer Ordering Online

In the age of Amazon, customers prefer the convenience of ordering online vs. calling it in.

Reduce 'No Show' Risk

When customers pay online ahead of time they show up for their order.

'No Contact' Option

Capture customers who prefer 'no contact' options so they can pay online and enjoy convenient curbside service.

New Dine-In Customers

Allowing new customers to try your food from the convenience of their home leads them to dine-in at your restaurant later.

No Order Errors

Online ordering ensures perfect orders every time protecting your online reviews and keeps customers coming back.

How It Works

Step 1

Customer clicks on "Order Online" button on your website, places order and pays right on your website.

Step 2

Restaurant staff receives order as a physical ticket from your point of sale printer in your kitchen while simultaneously the order is automatically assigned to either a DoorDash or UberEats driver.

Step 3

You and your customer receive real time mapping and text message updates on status of delivery. Food gets delivered and your money is deposited the next day. 100% of your money!


No Commissions

Margins are tight, keep 100% of your delivery order and never share commissions. Ever.

Customers Save Money & Time

3rd party apps tack on extra fees when your customers order delivery. We don't. Direct delivery dispatches the quickest to arrive between DoorDash and UberEats. Deliver food faster.

Customers Prefer Ordering Direct

70% of consumers say they'd rather order directly from a restaurant, preferring that their money goes straight to the restaurant and not a third party.

End Tablet Hell

Having to monitor too many tablets is stressful for staff causing missed orders, delayed orders and a messy counter top. Ensure your delivery orders are sent directly to your kitchen printer.

End Manual Input

Inputting each delivery order manually into your point of sale wastes time, slows down service and risks order errors. Get delivery orders automatically printed to kitchen.

No Staff. No Problem.

Finding employees is harder than ever. Shifting focus to delivery means less need for people.

Take Phone Orders

Accept phone orders for delivery and assign them to a DoorDash, UberEats or Lyft driver easily. 0% commissions of course.

Stop Denying Your Staff Tips

Customer tips on delivery orders placed on delivery apps do not go to your staff yet they are the ones who prepare the food. Allow your staff to receive tips on delivery orders today.

Order With Google

Studies show a 25% lift in online orders when your menu is directly integrated into 'Order With Google'. Customers never have to leave your Google business page to order and pay for pickup and delivery.


If you’re not automatically asking for reviews or allowing your customers to view your menu and order on your website, how many orders are you missing?

Google Marketing

Appear in search results, not only for general searches like restaurant name or cuisine type, but also for specific menu items and attributes. Optimize your Google profile on an ongoing basis and publish menu and restaurant details across the digital ecosystem like DoorDash, TripAdvisor, Yelp, etc. for online visibility and accuracy.

Review Marketing

You already know Google reviews deliver customers into your doors but did you know the quantity, quality and recency of Google reviews rank your restaurant higher in Google searches? Automatically text every customer an invitation to leave a review and watch the customers roll in.

Modern Optimized Website

77% of diners visit a restaurant's website before ordering and according to Google, 89% of dining research is done on a mobile device before visiting or ordering from a restaurant. If your customers cannot place an order, get questions answered immediately or view your current menu on your website you are missing orders and visits.


Other platforms will either keep your customers info or expect you to do the work.  Let Millennium capture the data and leverage it on your behalf.

Text Message + Email Marketing

Increasing customer retention by 5% can increase profit by 25%-95%. With 98% open rates and nearly everyone carrying a smart phone, text messaging your customers reminds and incentivizes them to return.

Loyalty Marketing

The National Restaurant Association reports it's 6x harder to attract new customers than to please your loyal consumers, loyal consumers visit your restaurant 20% more times than non-loyal customers and 82% of loyalty program members refer at least one person. Loyalty is gold.

Smart Targeting & Segmentation

Make it possible to target your customers based on their behavior. First time purchasers, long time regulars & clients who ordered through a certain sales channel all respond differently. Target them differently for maximum results. Also create upsell strategies to increase average order value.

Social Media Marketing

Remind past customers of your restaurant where they spend time, on Instagram and Facebook. Reminders mean repeat business and word of mouth referrals.


Stop Paying Commissions On Orders

DoorDash & UberEats are great marketing platforms and horrible ordering platforms. These delivery apps are killing your profits. Keep 100% of the revenue on pickup and delivery orders.

Stop Paying Credit Card Fees

Merchant card processing fees from your point of sale provider are costing you thousands of dollars per month. There is now a legal way for Colorado businesses to bypass these fees.

Stop Paying Platform Fees

Popular ordering platforms like Menufy, OrderSpoon & Chownow charge monthly fees. Your website provider & marketing platforms may be charging as well. Stop, there's a better way.


On Demand Menu & Graphic Design

Need a fresh menu design with updated items and pricing? Tired of doing this yourself or wasting money and time with the printer? Enjoy the peace of mind with unlimited graphic design services. You have your own agency now in Millennium.

Stop Reconciling Reports

Stop low-value, time-draining and repetitive data extraction tasks and transform all DoorDash, UberEats & GrubHub reports into a single unified format.


Let Us Handle The Marketing

Storefront does not give you a website, only your data and expects you to make it work. We give you everthing and send text and email campaigns for repeat business.

Automatically Get Reviews

Storefront ignores your need for reviews. We help you get more Google reviews by texting a link after every online order asking your customers for a Google review.

Save Money

Storefront charges your customers 10% service fee on top of their delivery fee. Then they force you to pay 15% to 30% in marketplace commissions. Stop now!

"If your customers cannot order delivery or pickup on your website you are either missing orders or paying too much"

Stop Missing Orders & Paying Fees At No Risk!

$149 One-Time Security Deposit
No Contract


5% Service Fee Paid By Customer
$0 Transaction Fees*

*2.9% + 30¢ per transaction after first $1000 in transactions

**Applies only to customers who order online.  Does not apply to in-store customers.  


5% Service Fee Paid By Customer
Current Transaction Fees

*Available only on Clover, Square, Vend, Poynt, Shopify & Oracle MICROS Simphony point-of-sale systems.


5% Service Fee Paid By Customer
$0 Transaction Fees*
One-Time POS Cost + $399/mo.

*In-house transactions only.  Online payments incur transaction fees.