Online Display Advertising

Online Display Advertising

Digital Display AdvertisinG

Segment an audience that resembles your best customer & reach them wherever they are online.  Feature your restaurant on the most popular websites and blogs on the internet for ‘top-of-mind awareness’ in Colorado Springs.  

Geographic Targeting

Target people within a zip code, city, DMA, county and state. Want to reach people who dine at a local competitor? Do you have a list of physical addresses, emails, phone numbers or IP addresses? We can reach them and a 'look-alike' audience too.

Demographic Targeting

A form of behavioral targeting, we can help you reach people that fit within an age group, income level and occupation. Need to reach women in their twenties who have a gluten allergy and a household income of $100K+? We got you.

Psychographic Targeting

Psychographic targeting generally identifies people who share particular personality traits, values, opinions, attitudes, interests, and lifestyles. Need to reach people who attend church on weekly basis and engage in home gardening. Easy peasy.


Get your message in front of people you want to target based on what they're searching for online, and then serve up display ads on the websites they're visiting. Spend your money efficiently not randomly.